Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Panthers Figure Skating Club

In order to have a safe and incredible time here, we have prepared a Student Code of Conduct that describes important rules for skaters to follow. We need your co-operation to make our programs more enjoyable for everyone, but most importantly for you the skater.

Just as important – we have also attached the USFS Parent Code of Conduct. codeofconduct

 All students must pay for the session at the front office or on line before the session starts. Then go to the ice monitor before going onto the ice and check in. All students must give their instructor a lesson ticket before their lesson. No skater is allowed on the ice without getting checked in by the ice monitor or front office person.

  • Every student is to pay for the entire hour of skating.
  • If you are caught skating without paying you will be asked to leave the ice and not be allowed to return to that session
  • We strongly recommend that you do pre-sign ups for every session because we do a have limit.
  • Intermediate Sessions are for Juvenile Free Skate Test Level and above.  Low Sessions are for Pre-Juvenile Free Skate Test Level and below.  If the skater is not on the appropriate session level, they will be asked to leave the ice immediately.  MIF (Moves in Field sessions are reserved for those skaters who want to only work on moves.  You do not have to be in a lesson to work on your moves on this session.
  • All students will use the main door to enter and exit the ice.
  • Close doors at all times, when entering and exiting the ice to minimize injury. Parents are not allowed to open any doors.
  • Students will adhere to the zones for spinning and jumping to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Stopping in the middle of the ice and talking to people in the upper balcony or sides of the boards is extremely dangerous. Please get off the ice if you wish to speak to someone.
  • Skaters when playing your music, you must place your music in the CD holder, when it is your turn to do your solo, if you choose to not do your solo, your solo must go to the end of the line. You can not bump another skater or instructor. If you do you will not be allowed to have your music played.  If you have more than one program (long and short program), you must allow each skater to play thier music at least one time before playing your second.   You may not stop and restart your music if there are other skaters waiting.
  • Instructors have the “right-of-way” at all times.  Skaters playing music in program will also be given the right of way.
  • Instructors have priority with respect to the playing of music but they will try and follow the 2-1 rule.
  • Skaters will not exit the ice unless they have informed an instructor.
  • Please do not hangout in the off-ice-training center. Anyone under 16 years of age is not allowed in unless you are in a group or private off-ice lesson. Do not go near the machines if you are under 16!
  • Every student will treat each instructor with the utmost respect.
  • Every student must have a positive attitude and commitment to be the best that they can be. No skater shall be rude or disrespectful at any time.
  • All students must remove their trash after each session and keep the penalty box area clean. Please throw your tissues in the trash and if you miss, pick them up!
  • No food, drinks, candy, or gum is permitted on the ice at any time. Drinks are permitted in the player’s bench only (not the top of the boards).