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Teaching and Inspiring recreational and competitive skaters alike

Why hire a private coach? While group classes are a critical part of skating at any level, the addition of one-on-one time plays a vital role in skater development. By hand selecting appropriate coaches for jumps, spins, choreography, etc. you can get a more tailored approach to bolster the acheivements made in group classes. Private lessons are a great place to make the minor adjustments needed to make any particular technique a little more unique to better match the needs of the developing skater. The perfect blend of group and individual lessons is where champions are born. All of our coaches are required to have the following:

Find A Coach:

It is easy to find a coach that is just right for you. Below you’ll find a list of our coaches.

Moves In The Field






Our Coaches

  • GABRIELLE Bargoot
  • AMY Battista
  • CURTIS Chornopyski
  • SOPHIA Chouinard
  • REBECCA Clark
  • CATHERINE Crocker
  • CIJI Green
  • JENNIFER Houghton Morris
  • BRITNI Kelly
  • John Kerr
  • VITALI Lysenka

All of our coaches are Coaches have the following credentioals

  • U.S. Figure Skating Full Membership
  • Completion of SafeSport Training
  • Successfully pass an annual background check
  • Agree to the U.S. Figure Skating Code of Ethics
  • Verification of liability insurance
  • Completion of CER Courses (administered via PSA)
  • PSA Membership (if coaching in qualifying competitions)
  • ALEKSEY Morkovkin
  • ANNABELLE Morozov
  • NIKOLAI Morozov
  • DAVID Redlin
  • RAINA Roth
  • ADRIAN Schutheiss
  • LISA Sayers
  • ARTEM Torgashev
  • ALPER Ucar
  • CAILEY Weaver
  • AMBER Yandura